Networks. It’s what we do.

With a fully integrated solution that covers every aspect of a commercial wireless network, Wes-Tec is one the few service organizations that can design, construct, install, integrate, optimize, operate, and maintain a complete multi-layer heterogeneous network using only in-house resources. Customers include Wireless Service Providers (WSPs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Tower/Neutral-Hosts Companies, with projects ranging in scope from basic sub-system installation to full systems design and integration.

Doing it right the first time.

Through maximum process efficiency, our Services Division delivers optimal network performance while simultaneously reducing overall deployment costs. This is achieved by working direct using in-house resources to eliminate unnecessary contractor/sub-contractor layers that inevitably create bottlenecks and information gaps. When Wes-Tec receives Customer objectives firsthand, our Service Teams are able to employ planning and foresight to virtually eliminate unnecessary delays, redesigns, remobilization, and rework. The gain derived from this process efficiency has a positive effect on all three aspects of deployment: Cost, Schedule, and Quality. The Schedule reduction is automatic, whereas, the impacts on Cost and Quality are the result of deliberately dividing benefits between reductions in costs to Customers and investments in the ongoing training and development of our Human Resources.


  • Engineering & Optimization
  • NodeB/eNodeB Installation & Integration
  • Civil Construction
  • Outside Plant
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Transportation & Logistics

Networks. It’s what we do. Our business changes as quickly as technology, but our Mission remains the same – Bringing the most sophisticated, efficient, and robust networks online – and keeping them that way.

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