Distributed Networks

The benefits of wireless communications are indisputable. Most people now consider their smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop as an essential part of their daily life. They each have at least one personal device that they expect will keep them connected, to everything, from anywhere.

Meeting these expectations is essential to both Venue Owners and Wireless Service Providers, as they are ultimately the ones that are held accountable.

When the coverage objective is either in building, or extremely challenging terrain, the only viable technological solution is a Distributed Network. As the Distributed Network will serve as a complex Network within a larger Network, proper design and implementation are critical to its performance. Systems that are not properly designed from a sectorization standpoint often fail to meet capacity demands; whereas, systems not properly designed from a coverage perspective result in poor Signal-to- Interference-and-Noise-Ratios (SINR), or coverage holes. These types of design errors either result in dramatic reductions in throughput (data speeds), or the creation of no-service areas.

Wes-Tec offers one of the Industry’s most comprehensive integration service solutions. With RF Engineering, DAS Integration, eNB Integration, System Performance, and Operations all in-house, Wes-Tec’s is able to ensure that all systems provide optimal performance, while remaining transparent to their users.

Without ever knowing the distributed network exist, the user simply enjoys amazing wireless service. They credit the Venue Owner and their Wireless Service Provider, while neither has the hassle of designing, deploying, or maintaining the system, they simply made the decision to call Wes-Tec.

Networks. It’s what we do. Our business changes as quickly as technology, but our Mission remains the same – Bringing the most sophisticated, efficient, and robust networks online – and keeping them that way.

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